Restaurant Gorenge

Are you guys looking for a job at the kitchen of a busy restaurant? Then this game is the right choice. Here you are appointed as kitchen assistant for a probationary period of 2 weeks. You have to prove your ability in memorising and quickness during this period to make your position permanent.

Let we start the game. In the introduction page there gives all the details of your position and your work nature will be more detailed on the next page. After those page of introduction just start with the game. In fact even the probationary period is for 1 week your work is appraised on each day. Thus the level is designed.

One the first day you will be given an order of only 2 items at a time. The waiter may reach to you and order 2 stuffs by showing its image at the top left part of the page and be given 6 seconds to remember those stuffs. Then you have to make ready of those by the time waiter reach. At this level waiter may give you 30 seconds. There are three options for the kitchen assistant. Some stuffs ordered needed to be prepared while the others may be taken directly from the freezer or the Oven. The prepared stuff can be seen at the centre on the two sections of stoves, the freezer can be seen at the right side and oven in two sections at the left side. The player just has to click on those, for instance, if there ordered stuff from the freezer the player has to click on freezer. Then the freezer will open and display the stuffs in it. Now the player has to click on the specific stuff. Remember once selected stuff cannot be change. So be cautious while selecting.

After successfully completing the first day the chef may directly reach to you for congratulating and ensures your availability for the next day. If you are not up to the mark of their expectation at the day end, the chef will fire you. To know your level of satisfaction to them, see the bar at the left side of bottom.

In the next day you are required to memorize more items and will be given more time to prepare those. The factor is the memorisation and quickness. Now, if you prove efficient in this level also, on the next day you may be given with more number of stuffs to remember. You have to prepare those in the same manner as previous and present the orders in correct and timely to the waiter. Thus continues for the two weeks probationary period. The game starts on a Monday and the rest days follow with every day end the kitchen assistant's performance will be evaluated.

I think direct gaming can lot more help than those long words. So I would prefer you guys now for to check out and find how interesting is this game. Hope this game to be much desired entertainer. Wish you all the best.

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