Katrinas Midnight Burger

Almost all of us are quite afraid of the ghosts. Katrina is one among the ghosts who is carrying on burger business in their world and in need of help from humans to serve her customers. The name of the game is derived from the name of her shop and the customers are the ugly ghosts who are mad about burgers. You have to help Katrina to mix the right ingredients and satisfy each terrifying creatures to retain her business. Even if you don't know anything about the game, the on-screen instructions are displayed providing every detail before you are introduced into the game.

On starting the game, a customer appears and order for a burger which will be shown above his head. He may wish to have any variety of burgers like beef, chicken or fish burgers. You will find all the ingredients for preparing burgers at the right side of the screen. A serving plate is provided at the center. Click and drag the components to the plate to add. When finished, the burger automatically moves to the burger tray at the right side. Click and drag the same to the right customer to serve it and earn points. There will be two buttons below the ingredients-blue and red. The blue button is for undoing the last addition of the item and clicking the red button will undo all. These buttons are used when you have added a wrong ingredient or the customer ordered for the burger has left the shop. If you want to throw away the entire burger after it has been moved to the tray, you can do so by dragging the burger into the trash can. You can refer the recipe book at any time by clicking the book icon and can look into the ingredients for preparing various burgers.

To pass the current level, you have to score some points fixed as target for the level within the time limit. The clock icon on the top-left shows the time. Below the clock, you can see a super burger which will be completed if you have served 10 customers correctly. Give it to the customer to complete his order immediately irrespective of what type of burger he ordered for. Finish all the levels to complete the game and submit your score online to see where you are standing at. The game is created in a horror mood but provides serious fun and joy.

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