Family Restaurant

Folks, its shinning noon for all who dream to start a family restaurant. Of course, in front of your computer, Family Restaurant takes you to the higher imagination of building out luxurious restaurant starting from a small one to 5 star grade. Its some thing like dream comes true for those who badly loved hotel games. Sure this game will be a part of your routine game package, try a bold step ahead.

The game start with a heartful story. The story says about the present bad condition of the family restaurant. The restaurant was once a high esteemed well known among all. But now the situation changed. The owner of the restaurant who was the chief chef too is not able to reach up to his mark now. The main reason for this is his age. His ageing makes cooking slow and even mistakes. This made the restaurant to move to the dark corner in the heart of food lovers. Thus the 5 star graded restaurant dropped to 1 star. Now you are requested by the owner to join as the cook and help his hotel to exist and grow. He ensures that he will teach all the recipes he knows. You are on a aim to get the restaurant back to the hearts of people and the 5 star position.

The game starts with an introduction page that guides you to the various options like story mode, settings etc. The game have an interesting background music which can adjusted from the settings option. There is also facility for good or low graphics which can opted from the same settings option at introductory page.

User can start the game by entering to the story mode where it first says about the story of the business. By clicking the proceed button below the conversation one can reach to the level map page. This page shows the present stage of the restaurant and all other higher levels of restaurant which to be covered as a whole game to complete.

Click by the spoon cursor on the first level shown as a first step from the small restaurant. This will lead the player to reach the learning room. Here the recipes are taught to cook by pressing the learn button. One have make the recipe as shown in the left corner side of the page where the ingredients are available from the left side. One have to drag the ingredients into the plate at centre and make exactly the same shown at the left top. As the level improves more new recipes will be taught.

After the trail preparation of recipes its time to start cooking for the customers. By clicking the finish button one reach the menu box. There is option available for opening the restaurant. Clicking it make the restaurant open. Now at this beautiful graphical interface one can see a neat nice restaurant room with many chairs and tables. At the same time kitchen can be seen at the top right side. Now as the customers reach to the table waiters note down and order for it. This can be seen a plate symbol at bottom side. As the order increase more and more plates can be seen at the bottom in horizontal form. Click on the plate for to prepare the concern stuff.

Each plate may carry different recipes. As the level improves more and more different variety of recipes are ordered. So the user have to make a first hand knowledge on different recipes which needed to be cooked in time and accuately. In the cooking page, it will be similar to the trial page, but here the player have to quick because there is a specific time for each order, if it is failed then the food cooked become waste and you want able to fetch money which in turn result to reach the target. At each level there is a target. The player have to reach it for to move higher stages.

Remember once again, at each level one have to cook more different recipes. In some the user can itself design his choice of recipe and in some stages player have to use oven and in others just cream type. The player have to handle all at a time in higher levels. Player have to aim for his targets at each level and reach to the final 5 star category….

Now let see what you got. Its time to start the restaurant ride….wish you all the best.

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