Breakfast Bar

If there was anything more challenging than juggling crazy balls on a unicycle it has to be feeding people at the breakfast bar. The game involves shuttling between four customers, their endless orders and your little two burner stove and toaster to meet their demands. The game has really cute animations and a nice background music to make the game lively.

Your restaurant serves toast, eggs, sausages, noodles and the various combinations of these items apart from tea and coffee. As the game begins you are given hundred seconds while the customers begin ordering. Somehow the customers are really irritable and expect prompt service and have no sympathy for you being the only person running the restaurant. So with the help of a boiling pan for your noodles, a frying pan for your sausage and eggs, a coffee machine for the beverages and a toaster for the bread, you are to meet the deadline of each order within a certain period of time failing which 100 dollars will be deducted. To cook the bread you click on it in your provisions and this puts it in the toaster. When it is done the toaster lets you know. Following this you are to apply butter on it unless jam has been asked for. In case you serve the bread without buttering it you are sure to incur the wrath of your customers and a deduction of 100 dollars from your bill. The noodles are cooked by clicking on them to place them in the boiling pan. When it is cooked you switch it off and put it in the bowl. As for the sausages and eggs they are also to be clicked and taken from the provisions into the frying pan. And the pan is to be turned off once you receive the signal that they have been cooked. Any food that is done cooking is to be first dragged to the crockery that is going to be served in before further attending to it. And the food is to be placed in the same order that it has to be served in. All these things lead to multi tasking in the event of which things are liable to get over or under cooked. And in such case you have no choice but to throw it into the dustbin which leads to further waste of 50 dollars. The coffee machine is relatively simple as it is always ready and just requires for you to click on it to fill a cup and then serve it to the customer.   

Sometime guests make non-verbal gestures like lighting up cigarettes to let you know that their patience is beginning to get saturated. At other times their fuming red-face is hint enough. But it is in the these nightmarish bunch of customers and the crude challenges that come your way lie the charm of the game and only the ones who manage to cope up with these know the joy of serving people at the breakfast bar. 

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