Boat House Hotel

Just as its name suggests, Boat House Hotel is an entertaining game set around a boat house that serves customers on the beach with food and drinks. The detailed animation of this game adds to the amusement of an already interesting plot.

The game enlivens the scene on a beach where the hotel serves its customers with food and refreshments in a picturesque setting. The objective is to promptly serve the guests with utmost accuracy and thereby run the hotel. The boat house is separated from little blotches of land by water and there are colored slabs of stone between the hotel and the customer\'s beach beds. To take a customer\'s order you have to walk on these stones from the boathouse. Each customer\'s bed is marked with a blue stone. On clicking the blue stone you will find your way to the customer. After this you will have to click on the customer to find out what they wish to have. Once the customer has placed an order you will have to click on the blue stone next to the boathouse to go back to an eager chef and repeat the customer\'s orders. This is done by clicking on the chef and has to be done accurately as a wrong order will cost you and the hotel dearly. On placing the order the chef barely takes any time to whip up the desired order. By clicking on the same blue stone next to the customer you can go back to them and click on the table next to his or her beach bed to place the food on it. Following this the customer pays you which adds to your score. When the customer places an order you see an image of it. In case you forget or misinterpret it you will have the wrong order. When you serve the customer the wrong order, as per your hotel rules you have to throw that food into the dustbin. This will cost you the amount of that item that you threw into the dustbin and take away from your score.

While serving a customer others also walk in to the hotel. This is where time management becomes key as a customer if not attended to for a while can leave and this is at best avoidable. On the other hand keeping up with the flow of customers adds to the total amount you earn for the hotel. Due to this placing a wrong order to your chef on behalf of your customer not only takes away from the total sum you earn but also takes away from the time you could have used in earning more from another customer. As the game progresses it becomes more difficult as you are expected to earn more in that same amount of time and with multiple guests sitting around one table individual orders can get really confusing.

Step into the shoes of the sole waiter of boat house hotel and find out how much success the stepping stones lead you to.

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