Beastie Burgers

The game introduces with a movie showing the story of the hero of the game. He had a great time with his grandma cooking many varieties of tasty burgers. After her death, he decides to start burger business with his friend. You start in Monsterville city where monsters are residing. You have to serve each and every terrifying beast with the burger of their choice. After hitting the play button, your friend will explain all details of the game and thereby laying a perfect foundation for you to start. Thanks to the great animations and sounds, you will find the game as exciting as a movie and want to play again and again.

The main menu has options like starting a new career, continue an ongoing career, arcade mode, more games, etc. There is also a link to the ‘Beastie Builder' Facebook app. Arcade mode will be active only when you unlock all the ingredients in the career mode. Now start the game. The Monsterville map will be displayed at first where you will see many popular places where you can do the business but many of them need you to gain some reputation. You start the business in ‘Hairy Arms', a local pub, which is the only option available at first. You own a van where you cook and serve the items. All the ingredients are placed inside the van at various positions. A cooking grill is placed in the center. Burger Boxes and buns can be seen on the right side of the griddle.

Now, let us start cooking. Click the customer to know what he needs and the order will be displayed near his head. If you want to know more about the ingredients, just put the mouse cursor over the order bubble and see whether he wants the ingredients to be cooked or not and the cooking level. To cook an item, just place it on the griddle. First, drag a burger box to the vacant area near the grill. Place a bun into it. Sometimes, the customer wants the bun to be toasted. In that case, drag the bun onto the toaster and toast it for a few seconds before it must be placed inside the burger box. Now add the ingredients one-by-one into the box. After you have finished, drag it to the customer to complete the order. Based on the exactness of the ingredients, he will give you money and ‘kudos' which is the reputation points. Based on kudos, you will be provided access to other places in the city. Serving a wrong burger will reduce some kudos, so be careful.

Each day, you have to serve a certain number of customers and earn maximum profit. Your daily collection report is displayed at the end of the day. New ingredients get unlocked with days passing by and customers become less patient at new locations. Satisfy all the customers and pay tribute to your grandma by becoming a burger king.

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