Beach Restaurant

Beach restaurant is a fun game that brings alive the frenzy of running a restaurant. Beautifully animated to recreate the ambiance of a beach restaurant this game is realistic to the smallest detail and keeps you on your toes.

The objective of the game is to serve your customers to the best of your ability and ensure that they are satisfied while you run a healthy business. To help you in this process all you have is a state of the art robot that works as fast as you can make it work. The game starts with one customer placing an order. Once the ordered dish has been prepared it is placed on a rotating tray and is ready to be served. As soon as you click on the dish the robot picks it up and places it on a serving tray. After this the robot has to be directed to serve it to the customer who ordered the food. But this is where things begin to get a bit more complicated. Good food coupled with an exotic atmosphere and quick service is a brilliant recipe to pull in customers. So even with his hands full the robot has more and more customers to serve. And this is where the fun begins. With a variety of customers ranging from blonde teenage girls to hungry balding men who need to order again and again to satisfy their bellies, you really have to bring on your A-game. On par with the variety of customers walking in, is the range of the menu. Your restaurant serves almost anything that might suit your customers\' fancy. And that can mean anything from French fries and hamburgers to multiple sundaes and shakes among other delicious delights. As when orders are placed and prepared the food is placed on the robot\'s serving tray by clicking on it. After that the robot is directed to the customer who ordered the dish by clicking on their respective tables. The robot then takes care of it in literally a jiffy. But sometimes even this can get difficult as the engaging vibes of the restaurant encourages people to interact. And due to this there are many people seated at one table along with other customers on their tables, making it difficult for you to remember where the order came from and in the bargain losing a second or few tracing the order to its customer. The trick is to keep a calm head and rise above the hustle-bustle. After people are done eating they may order again or are ready to pay their bill. While keeping up with different orders being placed, you also have to ensure that just like you didn\'t make your customers wait while serving them, you must not make them wait to pay their bills. On clicking on a customer the robot also goes and collects bills thus completing the transaction between you and your customers.

This wonderful game though seemingly simple, is highly entertaining and can sometimes even throw in a few basic insights on hotel management while ensuring that you have loads of fun.

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