Veggie Pizza

Veggie pizza is one of the most delicious and yummy pizza. This game will make you learn to prepare Veggie pizza with ease and comfort. You can make this pizza easily by just following the instructions and with your mouse clicks. Anjaleena\'s husband wants her to cook veggie pizza for him. Help Anjaleena to impress her husband.

Initially Start button and Recipe button will be displayed. As soon as you click the start button you can start the game and also the start the preparation of the pizza. When you click recipe button, you will be displayed all the required ingredients or elements basically required for making of this pizza.

The basic ingredients required will include 100 gram of flour, 30 gram of butter, 100 gram of potato, ½ tea spoon of baking powder, ½ tea spoon of salt or as per the requirement.

For preparation of sauce the elements required are 4 table spoon readymade tomatoes peered, ½ tea spoon masala powder, ½ tea spoon of coriander powder, oregano, salt as needed, sugar as required, ½ tea spoon of chilli powder.

For topping process for making of this pizza, 50 gram cheese, ½ medium onion and that too thinly sliced, ½ medium capsicum with thinly sliced. All the above ingredients with given quantity will be required to make a good and yummy Veggie Pizza.

Initially put the potato in a polythene bag and heat it for around 2 ½ minutes. Then mash the cooked potato to make it smooth paste with your mouse click over it and keep it on one side to make it cool. Then tub butter into the flour till it resembles bread crumbs. Add mashed potato, baking powder and required salt to it. Put few tea spoon of cold water on to dough. In order to prepare sauce mix all the ingredients as shown when you click recipe button with required quantity of each element. Then roll out pizza dough and spread the same over the dish. Next spread the sauce on the base and make sure that 1/4th space is left all around. Place the same in the microwave oven uncovered for around 6 minutes. After it is baked for desired period, mix a little salt to the onion and capsicum and place both on the pizza. Then grate required cheese over it. And again heat the same for around a minute in the oven. After it is heated for one minute take the same out and the desired and yummy delicious Veggie pizza is ready to be served and eat.

In this way the you can train yourself to make Veggie Pizza and that too with some fun and joy. It demands little efforts with your mouse click and some concentration. All the instructions for the same will be displayed systematically guiding the player in making of this tasty Veggie Pizza.

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