Prosciutto Funghi Pizza

This game is totally based on flash and it easy very easy to use, moreover it is very fast and interesting for the player to play it. The developer had made this game very innovatively as to attract the player to play it. Graphics of this game is taken under care and it shows the player how good the game is made. Anybody can play and enjoy this game. The main purpose of this game is to make girls learn how to make a good and a tasty pizza.

The main menu has more games button, clicking on it will direct you to the other games on the website. If you click on play, the game starts immediately without waiting even for a second, as we all know that this flash game usually works very fast.

You are provided with buns, onions, lighter, microwave and all other ingredients and required electronic devices. Switch on the stove with a lighter and place pan on it. Put pizza bread and cook it for some. Then place it on a plate in the table and again place the pan in the stove after switching it on. Pour a little amount of olive oil and add sliced onions, garlic, leaves, carrots and tomato juice to it. Mix all the ingredients well and pour the mixture to a big bowl.

Now again place the pan on the stove and add olive oil before putting onions, mushrooms, green and red chillies, and coriander leaves into it. Now put the previous mixture in the bowl to the pan and add required salt and pepper before mixing them well. Take the mixture to a plate and place it in the oven. After the timer stops, take out the finished pizza. That is all. The yummy and tasty pizza is ready.

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