Pizza Pile Up Game

Make pizzas and serve it to customers at a rapid pace, this is what the game requires you to do. The game is developed in such a way that you are appointed as a chef in a pizza shop and you have to take care of the customers\' order. All the instructions are shown when you start the game, so there is no question of any confusion.

All the ingredients are placed around a belt on the top-left corner. The choice is left to customers relating which ingredients they require to be added to their pizza. The customer\'s requirement is displayed in a bubble. When you click the bubble, the ingredients demanded by him will be displayed. You can also take help of a recipe book and study the ingredients required for making the pizza he ordered for.

A customer is shown entering into your shop with the order. As soon as customer enters a time gauge is displayed on the screen indicating how much time the customer will wait for the pizza. He will become impatient as the time gauge is three-fourth empty and leaves your shop upon its expiry. This makes the game challenging.

A moving belt is shown in the center where you have to add dough and the ingredients to make the pizza. The belt comes out of the dough-flattening machine and leads to a baking machine. Just drag the dough to the flattening machine and click the button aside the machine to make the flattened dough come out through the belt. The belt is moving continuously so you have to be quick in adding the ingredients which is done by dragging them onto the dough.

A small dispenser is displayed on the screen from which sauce comes out. Click it when the pizza reaches right under it to spread some sauce over the pizza. If you misjudge the ingredients, use the recycle bin to dump the wrong one.

After baking, the finished pizza is placed in a serving tray. Click and drag the pizza to the right customer to fulfill his order. Be careful, the serving tray can hold only one pizza at a time and will be replaced with another finished one. So make sure you take away pizzas as soon as they are placed in it to avoid wastage.

In this game you can find a ribbon meter. The ribbon meter shows your current level or status of the game and money earned so far. This meter also displays how many customers left the shop without having their order fulfilled and also how many have been successfully served in that particular level.

You can always continue the game from the last played level, so play and earn maximum money as you can to make the chef happy and keep the business blooming.

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