Pizza Hut

Pizza hut game can be said to be a tutorial for preparing pizzas. You are getting assistance from a chef and he guides you firmly throughout the entire process. The graphical presentation and animation provided makes the game understandable and very easy to play. Also, playing it repeatedly enables you to cook pizzas on your own.

Initially the game provides two buttons with play and recipe. When you click the recipe button, the required ingredients along with their quantities are listed down. The recipes are pizza bread, red onion, olive oil, white onion, parsley, mushroom, garlic pieces, thyme leaves, salt, black pepper, olive, tomatoes juice, red chili, green chili and carrot.

When you click the play button, you can start the preparation of pizza. You will be shown a wonderful kitchen in which every single item for making pizza is provided. Initially take the frying pan and place it on the stove after it has been switched on with a lighter. Place the pizza bread in the pan. After frying it for some time, put that bread in a big plate provided. Now place the pan over the stove again and put some olive oil in the pan. Put some slices of onion, garlic, leaves, carrot and pour some tomato juice. After mixing all the ingredients in the pan for some time put that into a big bowl.

Place the pan again on the stove. Put olive oil into the pan with some mushroom, green chilli, red chilli, parsley, olive, required salt and black pepper. After that, put the content in the bowl in to the pan and mix the whole content nicely. The half of the preparation process is completed.

After cooking and mixing it for some time, place the whole content over the pizza bread nicely. The pizza is then ready to be cooked. An oven is placed in the right corner of the kitchen. Drag the pizza mixture onto the oven to put it inside and let it be cooked perfectly. A timer will be shown on the oven and when it stops, you can take out the pizza which is absolutely finished and is ready to be served.

The click and drag feature of the mouse is what you are required to do to complete the entire process. So, its easy and convenient. Give it a try and cook your own pizzas.

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