Pizza Cooking Game

The ultimate cooking game for pizza, this game is characterized by the detailed cooking process and simplicity. As the name suggests the whole game teaches you to make pizza within limited period and limited effort. The beautiful animation and diagrammatic presentation with a nice music makes it attractive.

When you click the play button, the vegetables are shown one-by-one that needs to be cut down into pieces. A knife is also provided for this and you need to drag that through the dotted line shown across the vegetable to cut that nicely and systematically. The ingredients to be cut down are onion, tomato, green pepper and mushroom.

After cutting all the required vegetables, a beautiful kitchen is displayed over the screen where you will continue the process of preparation of the pizza. In this kitchen you will be seen many other ingredients kept in the beautiful bowl. For quick and easy play, you will be directed in time for each step.

Initially put flour into the bowl. Then add yeast and sugar into the lukewarm water and stir the same with a spoon provided in the kitchen with your mouse click. Now add some oil into the flour and then put some salt. Now add lukewarm water mix into the bowl. Pick a wooden spoon as indicated and stir the mixer in the bowl and prepare smooth dough. Simultaneously prepare a simple pizzaiola i.e. a tomato stuff to cover the base which will make the pizza more delicious and attractive.

Now start with your actual preparation. Switch on the stove shown in the kitchen by clicking over the button. Take the pan and place it over the burner of the stove. Put some oil in the pan and add cloves, garlic and pepper. Then add onion, chopped tomatoes, green pepper, mushroom, oregano into the pan. Proceed further by adding water into the pan. Add required salt into the pan. After adding all the ingredients pick the spoon indicated and stir in the pan nicely. The preparation process is halfway down.

Now instruction is given to put the pizza dough in the pan. Pick the wooden spoon and spread the dough over the pan nicely. Then pour the piazzaiola in the middle of the dough and spread it over. Place the sliced tomatoes, salami, fresh basil at top of the dough in a nice and attractive manner. Put the cheddar cheese in the pizza pan. After adding these things the pizza is ready to be baked. An oven is also there in our kitchen to cook the pizza. Click on the oven to open its door and Place pizza in it. Close the oven and wait. After some time, open the oven and take out the pizza. The pizza is now looks yummy and is ready to eat.

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