Perfect Pizza Game

Start the business of fast food shop and survive - the objective of the game looks simple but is highly challenging. You will be required to prepare pizza within stipulated time period and earn points in form of money in your piggy bank.

In this game you will have two options career mode and speed mode. The career mode is comparatively easier. In this mode, you will have to score or earn the target money each day to survive the business and proceed to the next day.

The time given for a day is 12 hours as per the game rules. In this time period you will be required to make as much as pizza you can. The more pizza you make more the money or score you will earn. Making pizza is very simple. You have to place the ingredients in a plate provided and make pizza as shown in another plate on the right side. You have to be quick as the time is running out. A pizza timer bar is shown on the left side indicating the time left for the particular plate. Money will be earned based on the exactness of your pizza with the target. In this way you have to make as many pizza plates as you can in 12 hours and reach the score $100.

The speed mode is similar to the career mode. But this mode is comparatively difficult as the time expires very fast. You will have to prepare pizza quickly to earn points.

Many options are also provided in the game to make it more interesting and fun. The options are like Toggle Sound, Graphics quality, Tips, High Score etc. As the name indicates, you have to make a perfect pizza matching with what you are required to make and earn maximum money.

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