Panda pizza

The Panda Pizza game is a different one with a new concept of proving your speed and beating your opponent. You will be given an opponent and will have to score points to cross each level. The game is fully developed for those who love challenges. The game is developed strategically and needs your concentration level to be high.

In this game you are the panda seen on the right side and on your left side is your component who is controlled by the computer. The graphics of the game is excellent and with the greenish background of bamboos - the favorite food of pandas. At the upper part of the window the ingredients are shown. Hitting each ingredient you will get score. The game will be played level wise. As you progress further through levels, the game will be more difficult for you.

Now as soon as you start the game from Level 1 by clicking play button, slices are found revolving around the window. You have to hit the slice with your mouse click when they elevate from their positions. When you hit the slice, the ingredient or raw material is thrown to the opponent i.e. computer indicating you have gained some score. Watch out for items thrown by your opponent as it will lose your points and ultimately you will lose the game. The slices get disappeared when they are being hit with.

If you hit with those ingredients and in the same order as they are shown on the top of the screen, you will hit jackpot and get a great boost in points. Try scoring maximum points. You can restart the level whenever you are out of the game.

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