New York Pizza

The game New York Pizza will teach you to prepare New York Thin Crust pizza. You can learn the game with lot of fun and enthusiasm. The graphics and animation of the game will make it more interesting and fun. One boy will appear on the screen and he will instruct you how to make the pizza. You can try the same in your kitchen also.

When you click play button, an instruction button will appear on the screen with a boy saying that his name is Harry and he will assist you in making this thin crust yummy pizza. You can also cook this pizza together with Harry. Then click start button and commence to cook New York Pizza.

The first thing is to cut the cucumber in pieces. To make cutting more easier a green dot lines is seen over the ingredient. You have just to move the knife provided in the game over the cucumber with your mouse click and the ingredient is easily cut into required segments. Similarly cut the ham, pepperoni, mushrooms over the green dot lines and then you will have to cut the ham into small pieces. Then chicken with bone is displayed on the screen you will have to pinch off the flesh from chicken. Then you will be required to dice the lettuce by just clicking on it with your mouse. Similarly dice the parsley, dill, chive.

After the ingredients are cut down into required segments next a window is displayed on the screen with instruction indicating to drag the products like vinegar, mustard, oil, garlic, sauce chill, cumin, red pepper on the bowl in the next door. Later mix all ingredients of the sauce by just rotating the spoon provided in the plate. Then grate the cheese by moving the cursor over the dotted green lines one after another. Then cut the bell pepper similarly and in small pieces. Then add flour, required salt, solid fat and cool water until the bar is all done in green. By just clicking on it mix all the ingredients. Put the dough in the fridge to cool for at least 30 minutes. Then move the cursor over the dough to roll the dough. Then move around the cursor to spread the prepared sauce on the dough.

Then you have place the ingredients over the dough very accurately and in their appropriate positions as indicated. The ingredients which you have cut will be shown together and it\'s time to mix all the ingredients on the dough. This is final step in the preparation of this tasty pizza. As said earlier place the ingredients one by one with your mouse click serial wise as it is kept i.e. anti-clock wise. The ingredients should be placed correctly to make it more tasty and yummy.

After placing each ingredient in its right position on the dough you will have to bake the dough in the attractive oven provided. After baking the pizza in the oven for around 30-45 minutes, the pizza is ready to eat and serve.

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