Make Pizza Game

This game is purely developed so that user can be trained regarding how to prepare a pizza. This game with attractive animation and beautiful graphical pictures will illustrate the process and making of pizza and that too simply using your mouse click which will make it more easier and fun.

The ingredients for this pizza will be long French stick, 3-table spoon tomato peered, cheddar cheese, bacon etc.

Initially you will be required to have large long French stick, around 250 gram 3 table spoon tomatos peered. The tomato must be drained and chopped. Then 1 teaspoon dried oregano on the marjoram. 125 gram of cheddar cheese with anchovy fillets in oil that too drained will also be required. 125 g crooked bacon that too crumbled. Also few black and green olives will be required with you for the preparation. All these ingredients when used and applied with proper time and condition definitely a yummy and tasty pizza will be ready for you to serve and eat.

Place half of the French stick in half length and other in half crossways on a slant. Then take a bread provided and place the bread under a preheated hot grill and make it hot up to the surface of the bread becomes golden color. This will make the bread more rough and tough.

Once the bread is heated until the surface becomes rough and golden, place the peered tomatoes over the bread surface. Then add herbs and cheddar orange the anchovy fillets over it. Spread half part of the same with cheese and the rest half with bacon. These ingredients or raw materials will make the pizza to be prepared more enhancing and yummy.

Then after placing all these things, place it all together under a preheated moderate grill. Under the grill it will be cooked or baked. The pizza will be required to be cooked for about 10 minutes. So place the pizza under the superheated grill for around ten minutes. It should be baked until the surface becomes golden and bubbly so that can be served readily for eating. After the stipulated time period take the pizza out of the heated grill and the delicious and yummy pizza will be ready to eat and serve.

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