Lovely Pizza Cooking

Lovely, good-looking and tasty pizza is what the game offers you to learn. The green background makes game more interesting and attractive. Also the beautiful kitchen which is set up in a garden or forest background makes you more curious and generates interest in learning the preparation. You are required to just use the mouse click as per the instructions displayed to cook this pizza. When you play the game for around 4-5 times you can definitely try the pizza at your home.

The game provides two buttons with Start and Recipe. When you click the recipe button the game shows the ingredients or recipes required with their quantities for preparation of this yummy pizza. You can also note down all the ingredients when you try this item at home.

The ingredients or raw materials required for making this pizza are pizza bread, Olive oil, minced prosciutto, minced onion, Italian parsley, garlic pieces, thyme leaves, tomatoes sauce, green chili, red chili, salt and black pepper.

When you click start button the preparation process starts. Each step is indicated with a hand shown in the window and you are required to just follow the directions.

Initially light the stove with gas lighter provided. Place the pan on the stove. Keep the pizza bread in the pan. After cooking it for some time place it on a table. Then put olive oil into the pan and then put some onion, put garlic, put leaves, put carrot and some tomato sauce and mix all these ingredients in the pan with a wooden spoon provided. Mix it until it becomes tough. After mixing it for some time put that over the pizza bread.

Again put some olive oil into the pan and put some onion, put mushroom, put green chili, put red chili, put prosciutto, put Italian parsley, some required salt, put black pepper and mix all these ingredients with a wooden spoon. Then put the dough in the pizza and prepare it for cooking. Put the pizza into the beautiful oven for baking the pizza. By just clicking the oven, it will open and you have to place the pizza inside the oven for some time. After the stipulated time period take the pizza out and the hot and yummy pizza is ready to eat.

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