Home Made Pizza

Kate wants to impress her boyfriend by serving tasty prepared in her home. Help her by just following the instructions that appear at suitable times and use your mouse in cutting, mixing and all other activities. This game also intends to teach the players how to make pizza. For playing the game, only mouse is enough.

As soon as you click the start button some instructions will be displayed. Carefully read them before proceeding further to avoid any sort of confusion.

At first a dough will be displayed on the screen. Move your mouse over the dough to flatten it up. Then you will have to cut the sausage. For cutting sausage a knife will be given on the screen and some round icons will be shown. Click the mouse and move your cursor up and down through these icons to cut the sausage in the desired manner. Then grate the cheese in similar manner by moving the cursor through round icons from side to side. Then you will be required to move the cursor in the shape of a spoon around to spread tomato paste on the dough.

Now place some toppings on the cheese that include mayo, cucumbers, sausage, peas, cheese, etc. in such a manner that their quantity should not be more or less. Click finish when you are done spreading the items on the pizza. This finish button indicates that all the ingredients required for the pizza is ready to be cooked. Now open the oven and place the pizza in it. Cook for around 30 to 45 minutes and take out the hot, good-smelling pizza and serve it to Kate\'s boyfriend. He will taste the pizza and will point out the shortness or excessive addition of an ingredient. Marks are also awarded by him out of 100. So, prepare well and get good comments and help Kate strengthen her relationship with him.

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