Delicious Pizza

In this game, you will be taught how to prepare delicious pizza for your loved ones in a very easy and systematic manner and also with lots of fun. On loading the game, the main is displayed with the picture of a delicious pizza in background. The graphics and animation are excellent and on-screen instructions are provided to guide you firmly through the entire cooking process.

After clicking play button, you will be required to cut the ingredients into small pieces. At first, cut the onion, tomato, pepper, mushroom through the line shown over them by clicking and dragging the mouse through it. Now pick the packet of flour and put some amount into a big bowl shown. Add yeast and sugar into another bowl containing some lukewarm water and stir it with the spoon provided with your mouse click. Add some oil in the flour. Add required salt and lukewarm water into the big bowl and mix it with the spoon. Use a wooden spoon to mix the bowl ingredients and to make the dough smooth. Keep it aside for some time to set. In the meanwhile, prepare pizzaiola by using tomato and other ingredients.

Place a pan over a stove after switching it on. Add some oil, cloves, garlic and pepper, onion, chopped tomato, green pepper, mushroom, oregano, little water and required salt. Mix all these ingredients with a spoon and turn off the gas. Place the dough in the pizza pan and spread the same with a wooden spoon. Pour the prepared pizzaiola in the middle of the dough. Then add sliced tomatoes, salami, and fresh basil cheddar cheese over the dough.

After mixing all the ingredients, the product is ready to be cooked. Cook the pizza in the oven displayed. Open the oven with a single click. Then place the dough in the oven for some stipulated time. After sometime, take the product out of the oven and then the hot pizza is ready and serve the same on the table. Click finish button to preview the item you prepared. If you want to try it again, just click the play again button. Play repeatedly so that you can avoid buying expensive pizzas from outside and prepare it at home as and when required.

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