Cooking Show Pizza

In this game you can make pizza with fun. The game will teach you how to prepare pizza with a variety of preparation methods and variety of flavors and ingredients and also with beautiful graphics and animation.

At the start a window will see a message showing today\'s menu will be pizza. Then you have to click the start button. Initially you will be instructed to cut the chicken into segments with a knife. You have to hold the mouse button and drag the pointer through the line displayed on it. In order to make the game more interesting, points will be awarded to the player after each cooking process including bonus. Likewise cut mushroom, tomato and pepper in the same manner and you will receive some points. The points depend on the speed of your preparation process. A timer is shown at the upper side showing time in seconds running out. Make sure that you complete the process within stipulated time period so that you can earn bonus points and bonus time to accomplish the next preparation process.

After slicing all the ingredients you will have to place the ingredients over the pizza one-by-one. As per rule, all the ingredients will have to be placed in its appropriate position within stipulated time as indicated by the clock. For your help, a small window will be shown indicating the order of placing all the ingredients over the pizza. After placing all the sliced raw materials over the pizza, it needs to be cooked a while. Place the pizza into the microwave and set the temperature as 220 by clicking on the number buttons on the microwave and press start to begin the baking. The pizza will change in colour indicating the completion of the baking process. Click stop and take out the pizza which is ready to be served.

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