California pizza

This game make you learn another variety of pizza that is made in California. You will have to just follow the instructions shown at every stage of process and you can accomplish the whole preparation with the help of your mouse click.

At the beginning it will introduce you with the ingredients required for preparation of this pizza. All the ingredients are shown in a beautiful and attractive pictorial format by which you can identify them easily. The ingredients includes luke warm water, yeast, flour, sugar, salt, oil, chopped garlic, pine nuts, onion, red pepper, sweet Italian sausage, cheese, mozzarella cheese cornmeal, pepper. You will be required to follow the instructions appearing on the screen above each bowl containing different items which makes it simpler for making the pizza.

In the window you can see all the ingredients readily kept in beautiful bowls for preparation. You will have to select appropriate ingredient during right time as per the instruction that appears. Also the utensils required for preparation are also shown including spatula, pan, flour board, cloth, spoon etc. The graphics of the game is developed in a manner as if you are in the kitchen and preparing the food. The kitchen is beautifully designed by the game developer. An oven is also provided to cook the pizza after all ingredients are mixed correctly and appropriately as per the instructions.

The finest thing in the game is you can prepare the whole pizza with the help of your mouse click and drag. Drag the things and as per the instructions given on the screen. You will be instructed to add luke warm water to the pan then add yeast pan. Then use the spatula to mix the content in the pan. A bowl is readily kept and add flour, sugar, salt and then mixes the content in the bowl using spatula and after that add the bowl content into the pan and again mix it in the pan. Then place the flour board on the table and put dough on it and squeeze the same with your spatula. Then keep the dough on oil coated bowl and close this bowl with a cloth. Take another bowl to prepare pesto sauce and follow the messages for its preparation by adding oil, pepper, fresh basil leaves, chopped garlic , cheese, cornmeal, mozzarella cheese etc. step by step. Remove the cloth from the earlier bowl and mix its content to the current one and also blend the whole contents using spatula. Then next pour oil into the pan, add onion, lukewarm water sweet Italian sausage and finally add bowl content into the pan. Place the pan into the bowl and after a stipulated time period your preparation is completed and pizza is ready to eat.

In this way you can easily learn how to prepare this very special pizza with less time and minimum effort and also with fun. You just have to use your mouse click and drag for every step as per the instructions on the screen.

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