Bellas Pizza

Bellas Pizza, a game which will take you to the world of fun and also will teach how to prepare this type of pizza. The game is fully developed with an amazing animation. The main attractive part of the game is you can learn to prepare the said pizza with a few mouse clicks and by following the instructions in the game.

The game initially shows the ingredients required for the making of this pizza along with its quantities. The ingredients includes pizza dough, cheese, black olive, Ham, mushroom, red chile pepper etc. Memorize or note down these things as it will help when you prepare the pizza on your own. As soon as you click next, a window appears and you can begin your preparation which includes 6 processes.

In first preparation process, you will be instructed to cut the black olive in two halves. Below there will be three knives from which u have to choose one according to the sizes in which the ingredient is to be cut down. So select appropriate knife and cut the olive by just clicking on the olive. A line is indicated on the product showing from where you have to scroll the mouse over it to cut the olive in the required format. After the ingredient has been cut down in the required format, click the continue button shown at the below right side. The same procedure you have to follow in case of cutting other ingredients like mushroom, ham, red pepper and green pepper. Use the appropriate knives in each case as per the size required to make segments of all those ingredients and click continue button after you have accomplished each preparation process for further proceedings. Then you will be instructed to grate the pizza or mozzarella.

After that squeeze the pizza dough with a brush given and follow each and every instruction given in the game. In this process, each ingredient cut by you will be displayed. Each having serial numbers above every ingredient indicating which ingredient you have to use first and which one next. It is made cunningly for the convenience of the player and makes it easier in pizza preparation. Click and drag every ingredient according to their serial numbers to the pizza dough squeezed.

When all the ingredients are mixed serially then a beautiful oven is displayed in your window in which you have to cook the pizza. Pick the dough mixed with its ingredients and drag the same into the oven. It is instructed below that u will be required to cook for about 12 to 15 minutes. So accordingly set the time in the oven with your mouse click and click start button in the oven. After the specific time is completed your pizza is ready to eat and serve.

In this manner, this game teaches you to make Bellas Pizza in a very simple format. With beautiful animation and attractive diagrams of each and every items included, the game shows how easy it is to prepare pizza.

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