Abbatti Pizza Game

Abbatti\'s Pizza corner is a budding pizza shop which aiims at a big and steady growth in near future. Nona know it is possible only by satisfying customers and is dedicated to that cause. Johny and her friends are also there to help her. This is the storyline through which the game moves on.

At the beginning of the game a girl orders an Abati Pizza to be delivered to her within 9 minutes. She also states that if the pizza is not delivered within 9 minutes she would cancel the order and would never make any order from Abatti. Then click on the next button shown at the right corner. Then a group of people is shown who are ready to make pizza. Again click next button then a instructions are shown graphically indicating how to play the game and a warning to keep away rats, spiders, Gina Lash, a sneezing gordy from the pizza.

The next window shows three people making pizza sitting around a table. You have to pick the raw materials in the centre plate and drag the same in the pizza at right corner in the suitable positions as indicated. The ingredients will be automatically placed on the pizza. Simultaneously to make the game more interesting, rats and spiders come to eat the pizza you have to click on them to stop them from stealing the pizza components. If you fail to click, the game is over and needs to be restarted by just clicking Try again button.

You will have to make four pizzas and then you can win the game along with saving the pizza from the rat, spider, hungry gina etc. Simply you have to click and drag each ingredient of the pizza and put the same in its right place as shown in the picture. After completing the each pizza, the next one requiring a different set of ingredients replaces it.

The game has been developed with beautiful and attractive animation making you glued to it. A bit challenging but the game is surely exciting and funny.

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