Wedding Cake

Here is yet another game to test your interest in baking wedding cake. The game has a very easy and simple user interface. Kids at any age can enjoy this cake making stuff.

The introduction page welcomes you to the game with mainly three options. First one is to start with the game second deals with the recipes of the baking cake and third for to search for more games.

We can reach to the game from opting play from the introductory page. Here the game window shows kitchen with all stuffs in it. Now the player can start baking the cake. Flour and few plates can be seen on the table in front of the kitchen while baking owen and other ingredients can be seen at the other end of the kitchen on the rack. To assist the player a red signal will be shown. So the player has to opt those in which the red signal shows.

At first click on the flour and pour it in the three plates placed at the left side of the table. Then drag the butter on the left racket to these three plates. Add other ingredients like baking soda, margarine, shortening etc from the end racket to these three plates (margarine and shortening to be added to the flour plate). Later add sugar, egg, pineapple to the flour plate and mix up all with using spoon. Now pour the mixed content to the three plates.

After these steps in preparation player can take the owen plates at the left racket to the table. Then pour the plate content to this owen plates. Owen plate available in three different circles. Then place the owen plates into the owen and bake it for 10 seconds.

The three different circle of cakes are placed on top of the other based on its size.

Yes that's it, the delicious wedding cake is ready on your table. Now just try with your own hand. Wish you the best.

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