Sunroot Soup Cooking

Those who don\'t know what sunroot soup is, this game is dedicated to such people. The attractive graphical representation and animation makes the game more interesting and enthusiastic. You can learn this special dish simply by following the instructions and with the help of your mouse click. Along with the recipes list, the quantities of each recipe is also given in the game so that you can have tasty and yummy sunroot soup and the user can also prepare lively this dish.

In order to start the preparation, click the Play button in the extreme bottom right corner. Now initially cut the sunroot by taking and clicking over the sunroot as per indicated by an arrow over the ingredient. You have to just follow the arrow line to cut the sunroot in desired segment. Similarly cut the onion and sprigs. After cutting these ingredients they are ready to be used in the dish.

Proceeding forward you will find a beautiful kitchen background in which you will see all the ingredients with necessary kitchen equipments. Now switch on the stove and place the pan on the burner. Add butter in the pan along with onion and garlic and mix these ingredients with a spoon provided with the help of your mouse click. After mixing it firmly, put sunroot in the pan along with vegstock, thyme and some water. Then again mix it with a spoon. Now cook it for some time and close the pan with a lid given. After that, open the pan and smash the raw materials by using spoon. Then add sprigs, required salt, required pepper, lemon juice, water and cream in the pan. Mix these things with the help of a spoon and cook it for some time before switching off the stove.

Then take another pan and place it on the other burner in the stove after lighting it up. Add sunroot and bacon in to the pan. Take a spoon and use it until it fries. When it is fried switch off the gas and add the bacon in a soup.

In this way the preparation process is finished. Now pour the prepared soup into beautiful bowls and then it is ready to be served. The dish is then ready to eat and serve.

The timely instructions provided in the game guides you firmly in the preparation of this dish. After playing the game four to five times you can try the same with the help of these instructions and recipes given and impress your loved ones.

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