Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole

The game \'Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole\' is developed in an exciting way for giving training in this dish. The game illustrates each and every step nicely and that too in an understanding manner. The beautiful animation and graphical representation makes the game more easy and creates more fun and also teaches you to cook this dish in a very easy format. You are required to just use your mouse click for playing the game and cooking this dish as per the timely instructions provided in the game.

To make the game more interesting and fun, it gives points to the player on each and every step in the game. You can also earn bonus points if you speed up the cooking process. Every step has been given a stipulated time period indicated by a clock at the right top corner. If you tend to finish that particular step before the time period ends then you can earn bonus points and stars at each level. Hence the game becomes more interesting and challenging.

The game assumes a character Sara who will teach you to prepare this dish. Just follow her instructions clearly. A beautiful and furnished kitchen is provided in the game which creates more fun and joy. Now initially you will have to cook rice. Take some rice in a bowl. Now place a big pan on the stove and switch it on. Pour some water in that pan. Now add the rice in the bowl in to that pan. Burn the stove in low condition and then pick a lid to close the pan. After some time remove the lid and the rice is cooked.

Then we have to prepare chicken pieces. Now place a pan over the stove and light it up. Pour some water in that pan. Then add some chicken pieces in that pan. Then after cooking it for some time pick up spatula and place each chicken piece in a plate. Let the chicken piece be cool for some time.

Now take a wooden cutting board and place it over the table. Take a onion and slice it into small segments with a knife provided by just clicking on ingredient. Now take another bowl and the chicken pieces. Cut the chicken pieces into small segments with a knife. Now add shredded cheedar cheese in to the chicken pieces and mix it and smash it until it is in converted to paste format. Now take chopped onion, salsa, chicken soup. Pour all these ingredients in one bowl and mix it nicely.

Now you are required to arrange everything in a tray. Take bowl of salsa, cheese, chicken and rice. Now put the rice in a tray then add the chicken pieces in to the tray. Then add salsa in the tray. And lastly add cheese in the tray. Then again add some chicken pieces and salsa over it and covering it with cheese. Then keep the tray in to the oven for around 20 minutes. After the stipulated time period take out the tray from the oven. And your dish is ready to eat and serve.

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