Roasted duck

If you are a non-vegetarian and to learn something new that is tasty and spicy, then you must try \'Roasted Duck\'. The game teach you to prepare an exotic dish with duck and enable you to try this at home with the step-by-step cooking procedure. The only control is mouse button and there is no time limit for cooking.

As the game lays down the quantities required of each recipe, it will help you really in the actual preparation of the dish. The ingredients include medium size Duck, egg, sliced bread, onion chopped, potato, lime juice, black pepper powder, green chillies, coriander leaves, green spring onions, vinegar, chili powder, cooking oil and required salt.

You are provided a beautiful and furnished kitchen with all required materials kept in different shelves. Now initially remove the giblets. Clean it and wash it. Chop them into fine pieces. Then take the duck and wash it under the water. Now pour some lime juice over the duck and add required salt over the duck. Rub this mix inside and outside of the washed duck. Then keep it separately for at least fifteen minutes.

Then crumble the bread slices and mix to the potato cubes. Now mix all ingredients including potato, onion, chili powder along with half of the cooking oil. Beat the egg properly and fold it to the mixture. Take the giblet and add it to this mixture and mix the mixture firmly. Now again rub the duck with the oil that is half left all over the duck and truss it properly. Now roast the whole duck on a charcoal fire for around 30 minutes or up to it is roasted completely. An oven can also be used to roast the duck completely instead of charcoal fire. While roasting the duck, baste the duck with little cooking oil frequently. Hence after the duck is completely roasted, take it out of the oven in to a plate.

The dish can be cooked when you are going for outing or for camping as everyone will like this dish. It will not consume much of your time and is not that difficult to prepare.

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