Risi E Bisi

The game will teach you how to prepare a new dish Risi e Bisi. This variety dish can be prepared and learn easily with minimum time and less effort. You need to use your mouse click to play the game complete the preparation process nicely. The game given is based on a real recipe. You can also prepare this dish with adult supervision. The game provides all the details including its recipes and preparation method to train you to prepare this dish that too with lot of fun and enthusiasm.

The game provides real recipe in the preparation of this dish. The recipes are given along with quantities required for the game. The ingredients include butter, virgin olive oil, onion finely chopped, small peas, Arborio or vialone rice, salt and pepper, permigiano reggiano cheese freshly grated, Italian parsley finely chopped. All these ingredients when combined together with your mouse click results in to a yummy and tasty Risi e Bisi dish.

A beautiful kitchen has been set up in the lawn area with amazing greenery which creates more interest and fun in playing the game and preparing this variety dish. Now to start the process, place the pan over the stove and light up the stove. Put some butter in to the pan. Then pour olive oil in to the pan. Now put the chopped onion in the pan along with some peas. After combining all these ingredients in to the pan take a spatula and mix all the ingredients in the pan nicely and firmly for some time. After blending it pick up the broth and pour it in the pan. Now pick up the bowl of rice and put it in the pan. Then add some salt and required pepper in to the pan. After that add parsley to the pan and then after adding these entire ingredients pick up the spatula and mix the same with the spatula nicely and firmly. After cooking and mixing it for some time, switch off the gas and pour the dish into a plate and the dish is then ready to eat and serve.

In this way you will be trained to prepare this dish with lot of fun and enthusiasm.

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