Rice Pilaf

Rice pilaf is a tasty and delicious dish made from rice. The food item is easy to prepare and can be served with any curry for the guests to make them satisfied. Well-designed graphics and beautiful background scenery never lets your mood off and the animation of the game is such that you can easily learn to prepare this dish at your own home. The game provides timely instructions to make the preparation process easier. You will only have to use your mouse click to play the game and prepare the dish.

The game provides all the instructions graphically which you have to follow. The name of each and every ingredient is also indicated and a beautiful kitchen has been set up on the river banks with all necessary fixtures and ingredients.

Now to start the game, switch on the stove over which a pan is placed. Initially add some butter in to the pan. Add some pilaf and pick up a spoon and mix it nicely. Then add some thyme leaves and basil leaves in the pan and spread some pepper. Then add garlic and then mix the combined ingredients nicely and firmly for some time. After mixing them, put some rice in to the pan. Then after adding rice, pour chicken bas in and mix all the ingredients firmly and nicely. Cook it for some time. Switch off the stove when the dish has been cooked completely. Serve it with some sauce and impress your loved ones.

When you are fed up with the usual rice items, you can try this at home to have a change. You can definitely learn to prepare this dish by playing the game just for three to four times and click the recipe button in main menu to have a list of items needed for that.

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