Irish Stew

You may not have heard about the Irish stew or at least did not have tasted it. This game intends to provide some training to prepare this Irish dish which is packed with lots of fun and enthusiasm. Use the mouse to add and mix all the ingredients making it easy for you to prepare the item. If you want the full details of the ingredients along with cooking process, you can choose recipe from the main menu.

The game provides list of ingredients required to cook this dish. The ingredients are being given along with the quantities required. The ingredients required are lamb: pre-cut stew meat or meat from shoulder, shanks or neck, potatoes, onions, sodium chicken broth, thyme, bay leaf, salt, pepper, chopped parsley leaves, thinly sliced celery, peeled and1 inch sliced carrot, half-washed sliced white part of leeks.

A kitchen has been set up beautifully in the background of a garden which reflects more interest to play the game. Now initially take the lamb shank and place it on a wooden board. Then pick knife and cut the lamb shank into small segments and put these pieces into a plate. Now take onion and cut the same into pieces. Now put the cubed potatoes into bowl along with cubed carrots, sliced celery and sliced leeks. Then add required salt and pepper and some sliced onion. Then add the pieces of lamb shank then spread a little salt and pepper on the shank. Then add the some sliced onion and remaining potato cubes to the bowl. Again add little salt and pepper with a bay leaf. Note that total salt added should not be more than 1 teaspoon. Then put the thyme in to bowl. Add broth and a water to barely cover the top layer. After combining all the ingredients, you are required to cook it by bringing the bowl in preheated oven. The dish should be cooked for around two hours or until lamb is tender. If you are using the lid, cook it in a low simmer and also make sure to add water if necessary. After cooking it for nearly 2 hours, stir it nicely or firmly in parsley before serving.

To make the game more interesting you will be rewarded with some points or stars. The faster you cook, the chances are great to receive more points and star ratings. In this way you can learn to cook this dish with lots of fun. Do not forget to give it a try as the dish is not as common as others but is as tasty as they are.

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