How To Make Corn Porridge

The game will train you to prepare the corn porridge. The dish will be good if you are going for camping or for outing. The beautiful animation and graphical representation of the game makes the game more interesting and fun. You will only required to use your mouse click to prepare this dish.

The game has been set up with a beautiful background. The kitchen with all required items has been set up nicely in the outer space as the feeling comes as if you are out for a camp. This generates more interest in playing the game and cooking the item.

You are also provided all the ingredients required for cooking with quantities required. The ingredients needed for making this dish are corn knobs, coconut oil, granulated sugar, pandan leaves, water, pinch of salt. All these ingredients with its required quantities will make the dish more tasty and yummy.

Now initially take a jug of water and pour in to a bucket which is fitted over a charcoal fire. Now pick the corn and then grate the corn with a knife provided. Grate at least two corns nicely. Now add these grated corn knobs in to the buck with water. Now again take another two corns and slice the corn. After slicing the corns put the sliced corn knobs in to the bucket. Now add some coconut milk to that bucket. Now pick up a big spoon and stir it nicely. After mixing it nicely add some sugar to the bucket. Also add required salt and then add pandan leaves. Now after adding all these ingredients mix the porridge with a spoon nicely. After cooking it for some time take it in a spoon and put the porridge in a plate and the dish is ready.

In this way you can easily prepare this soup item with minimum requirements and minimum set up. You can learn the dish easily and cook it when you are out for a camp and impress your friends and colleagues with your tasty and yummy soup.

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