Garlic Bread

Have you ever heard of the tasty dish called \'Garlic bread\'? If not, this game provides a great opportunity not only to know what it is but also to try a hand in cooking it. The dish will be best to be prepared and served along with chicken. You will have to use only your mouse click to prepare this dish. The amazing graphical representation and animation will make the preparation method more easy and interesting. The kitchen has been set up in a beautiful garden which adds more pleasant mood to the game and makes you enthusiastic.

The game provides all the recipes required to prepare this dish. The recipes include butter, garlic chopped leaves, salt, pepper, baguette, silver foil paper.

Now to start the preparation, take the butter and put it in a bowl. Then take the garlic and cut it into small segments with a cutter provided in the game. Now take the leaves and put the same in to the bowl. Then add required salt and pepper.

After adding all these ingredients in to the bowl, use a spoon and blend the mixture nicely and firmly for some time. After they have been mixed, take baguette which is placed on the plate and cut it in to pieces using a knife. You will have to keep some space to fill the mixture in between the sliced baguette and use a knife to fill the mixture.

After filling the baguette with the mixture, take silver foil paper. Then place the baguette in to a silver foil paper. Then wrap the baguette in the foil paper and place it in the oven. Cook the baguette in the oven for some specified time. After cooking it for some time take out the silver foil paper. The sweet-smelling and hot dish is ready. After playing it a number of times, you will get enough courage to cook on your own and serve it to your relatives and friends.

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