Fresh Cocktail

A party without cocktail cannot be imagined. You may have doubted what is the secret behind its attractive taste. Do you know? It is really easy to cook a fresh cocktail. This dish is really good to consume during summer to beat the hot climate. This type of drink is easy to prepare and ingredients required are only fruits. The game also provides necessary instructions and detailed recipes to make this tasty and yummy drink. The beautiful graphics and animation provided in the game makes the game more interesting and fun.

The game provides mainly two buttons viz. Start and Recipe buttons. The recipe button displays the details of all the required ingredients with its required quantities to make the drink which will help when you actually prepare it at your home. The ingredients include chopped apple, chopped pineapple, black grapes, orange juice and cherry.

All these ingredients are kept nicely in a beautiful and attractive kitchen. Now start the preparation as per the animation shown in the game. You have to use your mouse click to combine all the ingredients and complete the preparation process. Take the apple which is kept nicely sliced in a plate and put the sliced apple in a mixer jar. Then put the sliced pineapple in to the jar. Then pick the orange and put the same in the jar. Also add black grapes in to that jar kept in the mixer along with some cherry. Pour orange juice provided in a attractive bowl in to the jar. Add required sugar in to the jar. After adding all these ingredients, pick the lid of the jar and close it. Then start the mixer and the ingredients are mixed well and get converted in to a liquid form. Then stop the mixer and pour the drink in to a beautiful glass.

After pouring in to that glass, the cocktail drink is ready to be served. In this way, the dish is very easy to prepare and follow the game instructions to prepare it on your own. You can impress your guests and friends by serving this cocktail juice and is very effective to keep you cool.

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