Egg Curry Recipe

The name of the game itself is the name of the dish you are going to prepare. This item will be liked by both categories of people i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. The excellent graphics and animation of the game creates more interest and fun in the game. The game provides list of ingredients graphically and gives all necessary instructions to prepare this egg dish. You will have to use simply the mouse to play the game.

The kitchen has been set up in a lawn in front of a house. The greenery background of the game makes it quite attractive. Initially, the names of all ingredients are given that are used to make this egg dish. The ingredients include oil, cloves, stove, cinnamon and bay leaves. Click on each ingredient and it will be displayed in upper bar. After selecting the ingredient click the Cooking Area button.

Now start the cooking process by lighting on the stove where a big bowl is kept on the burner. Pour some oil in that bowl. Then put bay leaves, cinnamon and cloves one-by-one to the pan. After adding these ingredients, you are required to select more ingredients by clicking the Items button which includes cumin seeds, onion, fennel seeds and slotted spoon. Then again move to cooking area. Now add fennel seeds, cumin seeds to that bowl. Now after adding these ingredients mix all the items firmly by using a slotted spoon. After mixing it put some sliced onion to that pan.

Then again you will have to select more items required to prepare this dish. The items include turmeric, chilli powder, chicken masala, coriander powder, tomato. After selecting these items move again to cooking area. Now add all these ingredients one by one in to the bowl. Mix the items in the pan all together using the spoon. After that select more raw materials required to be added in the dish. Add required salt, sugar and coconut milk. Then use spoon to mix the ingredient. Then pour the item from that big bowl to another bowl. Then add boiled eggs to the bowl and to add more taste and give a good smell, some coriander leaves is also added.

Hence, in a simple and easy format, this delicious egg curry is prepared.

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