Deviled Eggs

Eggs are used around the globe to prepare different varieties. This game teaches you one special dish called Deviled eggs. The game provides all necessary information with list of ingredients required for preparation of this egg dish. The dish is so simple that even kids under the supervision of adults can prepare on their own after playing the game for a number of times. The only device to control in the game is the mouse. If you click the recipe button in the main menu, you will see all the details for preparing this food item in a well-arranged manner.

Click the play button to start the game. As the dish is of egg, a beautiful hen is shown giving instructions for preparation of this dish. The recipe is quick and easy to make with great taste, making it one of the best recipe to impress your friends when you are all together.

The ingredients of the dish includes 6 hard cooked eggs, peeled and cut lengthwise, light mayonnaise, dry ground mustard, white vinegar, required salt, ground black pepper and paprika for garnish. The ingredients are given along with the quantities required making it easier even for a beginner.

Now start preparation of this dish under the direction of the hen. A beautiful kitchen is also provided with all required facilities The first step is to remove the egg yolks to a small bowl. Mash the egg yolks firmly with a spoon for sometime until the egg yolk is smashed well. Now add some mayonnaise in to the bowl. Then add required salt, mustard powder and pepper. Put some vinegar in to the bowl. After adding all these ingredients in to the bowl, mix all with a big spoon firmly. Now take a decorating bag. Now put the mixture in to that decorating bag. Now fold the upper part of the bag and press the bag and fill all the empty white shells in that tray with the mixture. Now to add more taste to the dish add some paprika in each and every egg. Now the dish is ready to be served.

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