Deluxe Hamburger

Do you love to eat burgers? If you do, you may have doubted how the delicious big burgers are prepared and what its ingredients are. Such people find ‘Deluxe Hamburger' very useful because it describes a step-to-step procedure of making the hamburger. Playing the game repeatedly helps you to memorize all the ingredients and provides you enough courage to prepare burgers on your own. The game is featured by good-looking graphics and catchy music and is simple in game play requiring just the mouse to play the game. The main menu showcases the picture of a big and delicious burger and has two buttons-‘Play' and ‘More cooking games'. If you want to play similar games like the one you selected, the second button will help you. Click the ‘play' button to start the game.

You will see a small table and a kid next to it sitting in a chair when the game starts. A plate is placed on the table in which you add the ingredients. All the ingredients can be found on the top portion of the screen one after the other. The first item to be added is the bun. You will see different types of buns and select the one you wish to have by clicking on it. After that, press ‘Next' button to add the next item. The subsequent item is the meat patties. Select and click the one of your choice to add it. In this manner, you have to select cheese, lettuce, bacon, cucumber, tomatoes, hams, sauce, etc. At last close the burger with another bun and it is finished. Click next and two buttons will be displayed. One is for adding different items such as French fries, cola, cocktail, etc. to be consumed with the burger. The other button enables you to change the background of your dining room. Click the button ‘Done' to preview the burger you made.

If you want to make another burger, just click on the ‘Replay' button on the bottom right side and an empty plate appears. Play the game and you will be in a position to make burgers at home yourself.

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