Crispy Catfish Green Mango Salad

You can guess what the game intends to teach, i.e, how to cook the variety dish crispy catfish green mango salad. You can prepare it very easily by just following the built-in instructions of the game. The game also provides list of ingredients and cooking process for the dish in written format specifying nicely each and every step in cooking this food. Use your mouse to combine the ingredients and learn to prepare the item without much effort.

Start button and Recipe button are shown at the starting window. The recipe button illustrates the list of ingredients and the way to prepare the food item. Each and every step to be followed is provided in the game. The ingredients required are vegetable oil, thai chilli pepper (minced), teaspoon sugar, shallots (thinly sliced), lime juice, green mango, fish sauce, cat fish, cashews (if required).

A kitchen with necessary equipments is displayed with a beautiful background. Now start the cooking process by adding some water on wok. Then turn on the stove. Add fish fillet in the pan on the stove and fry it for some time. After frying, take a skimmer, pick the fillet and place it on the plate. Then turn off the stove and let the remaining water in the pan be drained. Place the filet in the wok again after the water is drained. Then take the spatula and break the fillet into various segments. After that turn on the stove and heat it up and heat the segments of fillets until it turns brown. Pour some oil in to the wok with some chili pepper, onion and required amount of sugar. Then add green mango in to the wok. Add fish sauce kept in a bottle along with a glass full of lime juice. Put some cashews and that constitutes the final ingredient to be included. After adding all these ingredients mix them with a wooden spoon firmly. If the mixture is completely cooked, it will be automatically taken to the plate. The catfish is ready to eat and click on the plate to serve.

In this way, you can easily learn to prepare this yummy dish with lot of fun.

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