Country fried chicken

In many parts of the world, many varieties of chicken dishes are prepared in various forms. One such dish is Country fried chicken. The game with amazing animation and pictures teaches you to prepare this dish with minimum effort and less time. The dish is not much difficult to prepare and the game makes the preparation method more easy and in understanding manner. You will have to just use your mouse click to gather all the ingredients and make this food item. The game will be a real fun as it illustrates each and every step involved in preparation method.

Initially take the potato and wash the potatoes with a brush under the water. A brush is provided to wash the ingredients. You are required just to rotate the brush over the ingredient simply with your mouse click. After washing it nicely, peel off the potato using a special type blade by pointing the cursor on the blade. After peeling it, you will have to cut the potato with a knife provided. Just drag your mouse with knife over a green doted lines shown on the ingredient. After slicing the potato, take pickled tomato and initially peel it off. After peeling the tomatoes you are required to smash those tomatoes using a smashing device by rotating the cursor clockwise round and round until those tomatoes are smashed off completely. Then cut some mushrooms over those green doted lines. Next step is to dice the lettuce by just clicking on it continuously. Click the mouse until all the lettuce are sliced. Similarly dice the parsley,dill and chive also in a similar way by clicking on them constantly. Then take some garlic and peel off the garlic by clicking over it and after peeling make garlic in to small segments.

Then drag all the sliced and smashed ingredients in to a bowl. Now rotate the cursor to mix the ingredients for our marinade. Then take a full chicken and cut it down nicely as per the dotted lines. Just click and drag your mouse over the lines to cut it automatically. Now you should cover the chicken with our marinade by just clicking anywhere. Place the mixture in the fridge for around two hours to be baked nicely. Now hold the left button of the mouse on the piece of chicken to cover it with crumbs. Click on the products when their scale will be green utterly to grill them.

Now to make the game more interesting and fun, a slider is shown at each and every to step. You will have to complete each and every step before the slider reaches the other side. If it happens before completion of your process, you may lose points. To gain maximum points complete each and every step before the slider.

In this way, the game will teach you make the dish with utmost fun.

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