Cooking Show Cheese Burger

Another cooking show game in which you will learn the preparation of cheese burger. Those who are looking for the recipe of cheese burger are very much excited with the release of this game. They are provided not only the details of the ingredients but also the step-by-step procedure in making this type of burger. After playing this game for several times, you will find it very easy to cook cheese burgers and without anyone's help.

The game gets loaded with the picture of a lady chef holding a plate. When you click on the start button, the chef will write that today's item is cheese burger. You will be taken to an attractive kitchen on clicking the start button again. The ingredients will be given to you as per its need. First of all, break three eggs and put them into a big bowl given. Clicking the egg and dragging it to the edge of the bowl will accomplish this task. Then add beef, eggs and sauce into another bowl and mix it nicely. To mix the items, click and hold the mouse button and move the cursor through the arrow mark shown.

The next step is to roll the patty. Take the meat mixture in a plate and move the mouse cursor through the arrows to make it soft and round in shape. You will see a time bar where a little area in its middle portion is highlighted. Click and hold the mouse button to start the time indicator from the left and release the mouse when the time indicator reaches the highlighted area. The meat patty is rolled and flattened. Now dip it in the breadcrumbs and the patty is ready to be cooked.

You have to cook the patty as the next step. A stove is provided with a pan. Click and drag butter into the pan and then the patty. After sometime, flip the patty upside down twice to bake both sides well. The final step is to arrange the various ingredients inside the burger bun. First place the lettuce, then patty, cheese, onion slices and again lettuce and cover it with the top bun. There you are! The delicious burger is ready to be served.

At each step of making burger, points are awarded based on your perfectness in following the step and time saved. So, try to cook as per the instructions and be fast so that you can gain maximum points.

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