Cooking Crab curry

The crab curry is one of the tasty dishes in the category of sea foods. The game is provided with a background of a sea as if you are cooking the dish in a beach. Play the game by the click and drag action of your mouse. Hence you will have a foundation for preparing this item by playing it for several times.

A beautiful kitchen has been set up in the beach ground providing a good ambiance. In this game there are two buttons Play and Instructions. The instruction button will give complete details of the raw materials required and cooking process. The instructions will assist you nicely in cooking this delicious sea food. You can prepare the dish on your own after playing the game continuously for many times. Only a mouse is required to bring together all the ingredients and cook them.

Now initially grind the soaked red chillies, ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and poppy seeds. Some ingredients are kept nicely in packets and for adding such items you will have to cut the packet with a knife provided in the shelf of the kitchen and add the ingredient in the dish. Take a pan and place it on a stove after lighting it. Put some oil into the pan and put grounded mixture and fry it for around 10 minutes by stirring it continuously with a spoon provided. Take a note that if it sticks to the pan add a little water to avoid sticking of the ingredient in the pan which may destroy the taste of the dish. Then pour half of the coconut milk with two cups of water and mix it for 10 minutes with low heat. After heating it, add few crab claws and required salt to the mixture. Cook the ingredients for around three to four minutes. Then add some tamarind paste and remaining coconut milk and boil all these recipes. While boiling reduce the heat so that the ingredients may not stick to the pan. Boil until the crab is well cooked and becomes somewhat reddish. This forms the last step in the cooking process. To enhance its look spread some coriander leaves over the dish with which it will also get good smell along with good taste.

In this way you can prepare this delicious sea food in a very easy and systematic manner. The game is been developed in such a way that you will learn to make the dish as well as have lot of fun.

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