Chicken cream soup

The game will be an interesting one for those who love to have chicken food items. The game is provided with all the instructions needed for the preparation of this chicken cream soup. The game with its best graphics and animation impresses the player very much and generates lot of interest in him. You can impress your guests by serving them this dish.

As the dish is of chicken, a hen is shown at the top side of the screen giving necessary instructions and ingredients to be added for making the chicken cream soup a reality. A kitchen is set up with beautiful environment. The whole set up for cooking is shown at the banks of the river under a green background. This creates beautiful environment for cooking and creates lot of interest in the game. Initially to start the process of preparation of this chicken cream soup, take a pan and place it over a stove and switch on the stove. Add some butter to the pan. Then put sliced carrots to the pan. Then put a few sliced onions to the pan. After that add several chopped celery sticks to the pan. After adding all these ingredients take a pan and mix it with a spoon provided and indicated in the pan. After mixing the ingredients add some flour to the pan. After that put some chicken stock to the pan. Then put herbs in to the pan along with Parsley thyme. Add bay leaf also to the pan. After that take some diced chicken and cook it. After cooking the diced chicken, add it to the pan. Again pick the spoon and mix all the ingredients nicely. Put thick cream to the bowl followed by dry sherry. Then add required salt to the dish and also some pepper. To make the dish more tasty put some spring parsley. After adding all these ingredients mix the ingredients nicely. After cooking it for a few minutes the chicken cream soup is ready to be served and eat.

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