Chicken Wings and Garlic Bread

The game will teach you to prepare or cook chicken wings and garlic bread with lot of fun and enthusiasm. The combination of these items is the best and tastiest one after preparing it nicely. The dish will be favorite for those who love meat items. You will be required to use only your mouse click for cooking. Hence you can learn to prepare this chicken dish with lot of pleasure and also with minimum effort.

The beautiful graphics and animation of the game makes the game more interesting. The game provides all necessary instructions and recipes for the preparation of this dish. The recipes are given along with its quantities required to make it more tasty and yummy. The preparation process is depicted in such a manner that you can easily understand and learn to prepare this dish.

The ingredients include chicken wings, breading powder, flour, salt, cooking oil etc. A beautiful kitchen equipped with fittings and fixtures is displayed which creates more interest in the preparation. Now to start the process take the chicken from the bowl and cut it into small segments with a knife provided. After cutting it put the same into bowl. Then add bread powder in the bowl along with some flour, required salt. Then pick a spoon and blend this mixture in the bowl firmly. Now put the segmented chicken in to that bowl. Again mix the mixture well. Then light up the stove and place a pan over the stove. Pour some cooking oil in to the pan. Now put the wings one by one in the pan and cook it for some time until it is fried nicely. After cooking for some time, take out the wings one by one using spatula and put it in the plate. Now half part of the cooking process is completed and your chicken wing dish is ready.

Now you are required to prepare bread. The ingredients required for the bread are garlic grates, garlic powder, salt, basil powder, coriander, leaves, pepper powder, paprika powder. Now to start take the bread and place it on a wooden board. Take the knife and cut it nicely. Now add butter to the bowl along with some required salt with pepper, basil powder and garlic powder. Mix all the ingredients nicely. Put the mixture on the bread using a spoon. Now garnish with paprika, coriander leaves. Place the bread on the cookie sheet. Now open the oven and place the cookie sheet in the oven for about 8 min at 350 degree. After baking it in the oven take the bread out and place it on a table. Now garlic bread is ready and serve it hot.

In this way the two dish prepared separately can be combined and make a best combination for eat. The game will train you nicely in preparing this yummy and tasty dish.

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