Chicken Masala Recipe

From the name itself, you can guess the the game\'s purpose-to prepare chicken masala. The dish is very famous and favorite of all non-vegetarian people. Those who love to have chicken dishes will definitely love the game. It provides all necessary instructions for the preparation of this chicken dish. The game provides beautiful animation and graphics that makes it more interesting and enthusiastic. You are only required to use your mouse click to play the game and prepare the dish. You can prepare it on your own after playing it for around three to four times.

A beautiful kitchen has been set up on the sea shore which makes the game more attractive. As the dish is related to chicken, a hen is shown graphically as your trainer providing necessary timely instructions which enhances the fun of the game. Yo are also provided a list of ingredients required for cooking this chicken recipe along with the quantity required for each dish. The ingredients include boneless chicken, flour, dried oreygano, cracked pepper, sea salt, sliced mushrooms, marsala wine, sherry wine, virgin olive oil.

Now to start, take some flour in a big tray. Add required salt to the flour. Put chicken to the flour. Then keep aside that tray to be used later. Now click the stove on button to switch it on. Place the pan over the stove. Pour some olive oil in to the pan. Add some butter in the pan. Put the chicken mix kept aside in the tray to the pan. Then add a few sliced mushrooms to the pan. Then mix the ingredients with a spoon. Then add some water in the pan. After some time add a little marsala wine and sherry wine in to the pan. Then mix it nicely. Now close the pan with a lid and allow it to cook for around 10 to 15 minutes in low heat. After cooking it for ten to fifteen minutes the chicken masala is ready to eat and serve.

In this way you can prepare this chicken dish with easy and simple manner.

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