Californian Sushi Roll

The Sushi Roll of Californian type is a delicious food which can be prepared easily to impress your loved ones. The nice graphics and animation makes the game more attractive. You can learn to prepare this roll simply with the help of your mouse click. The recipes with instructions will assist you in making this roll when you actually try to make this dish.

At the initial window, you can see two buttons at right and left corners viz. Start and Recipe buttons respectively. When you click the recipe button a list of recipes required to prepare this item along with its quantity needed will be displayed on the screen. These instructions will help you in live preparation of this food. Also the preparation method is also given in writing to assist the user in its preparation. The dish is mainly chosen by kids and hence after playing this game for four to five times they can on their own try to prepare this yummy dish with the supervision of the adult.

The recipes required for this dish are sushi rice, cooked crab meat, one sheet of nori, golden caviar, sesame seeds, avocado chopped. These ingredients with its required quantities are needed for the making of this tasty dish. After the list of ingredients, each and every step involved in the preparation process is indicated in detail. The game in this way provides two way preparation process, one by written and other by pictorial diagrams and animation.

First take a bamboo mat and cover the mat with a plastic wrap. Place a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) on top of the mat. Then pick the sushi rice bowl and spread the rice on top of the seaweed and press it firmly. Sprinkle sesame seeds over sushi rice. Bring seaweed on the top by turning the sushi layer. Place the avocado and crab over the seaweed vertically. Now roll the bamboo mat forward, pressing the added ingredient into the cylinder shaped sushi. Press the bamboo mat with your hands and remove the rolled sushi. Now the ingredient becomes in roll shape and half of the preparation is accomplished.

Further cut the roll into bite size segments with a knife provided in the game. For cutting simply grab the knife with your mouse and cut the roll into required pieces with the help of your mouse click. After that press some golden caviar on each of the sushi roll. It will make the roll more tasty and yummy. After pressing required golden caviar on each sushi roll, the delightful California Sushi roll is ready to eat and serve.

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