Butter chicken

This game aims to teach how to prepare another variety of chicken dish. The beautiful picturesque and nice animation makes the game more interesting and creates lot of fun to play. The game will train you to prepare this dish with less time and minimum efforts. It also provides list of recipes required along with its quantity for preparation of this item. You will be required only to use your mouse click and drag properly to play the game and learn the preparation.

The main menu provides two buttons,i.e. start and recipe buttons. When recipe button is clicked you will get the complete details of the ingredients required and process of preparation is also given in written format by which you can get an idea regarding the cooking method.

When you click the play button you are ready to start the preparation process. A beautiful kitchen is shown in the window in which all the equipments and ingredients are kept systematically. Take a bowl and put card, all the dry spices, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, ground almonds and salt. Mix all these ingredients with a spoon provided firmly. Put the chicken pieces in a large bowl. Put the curd mixture into the bowl. Take a pan from a shelf in the kitchen and place the pan on the stove. Put some oil and butter into the pan and heat it. Then put few onions into the pan and fry the same for around 3 minutes. Then add the chicken mixture into the pan. Cook and mix the ingredients in the pan for around 7 to 10 minutes. Then add few coriander leaves and mix all the ingredients well. Then add some cream and mix it. Also add required salt in the pan for getting better taste. After heating it up all together for some time, the chicken is ready. Then in order to give some good look to the dish, spread the coriander leaves over it. The yummy and tasty butter chicken is ready to eat and serve.You can learn to cook this dish of chicken on your own after you play the game for five to six times.

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