Beef Wellington Cooking

The game will become a favorite one for those who are interested in eating non vegetarian especially beef. The game with its beautiful graphics and animation describes the whole preparation process in a simple way and easy to understand format. You will only have to use your mouse to combine all the ingredients and prepare this non vegetarian beef dish. You can learn to prepare the dish on your own after playing it for around four to five times.

A beautiful kitchen is provided in the game which generates more enthusiasm and fun in playing the game. Now to start the preparation take a meat and place it on the wooden floor. Add a few amount of salt to the meat along with pepper. Now take a pan and place it on a stove and switch it on. Put some oil in to the stove. Then add that meat in to the pan and fry it for some time. A clock is shown above indicating the time to be taken to fry the item. At the expiry of a certain period take the meat out of the pan and place it on a plate. Then add some vegetable oil in to the pan. Next add few mushrooms in to the mixture and cook it for few minutes. After that put the sliced onion in the pan along with some garlic. Mix all the ingredients in the pan with a big spoon provided. On mixing it firmly, add thyme and mix all the ingredients with a spoon. You will have to just use your mouse click for mixing and combining all the ingredients. Now switch off the stove and place the ingredients all together in to the bowl.

Add some chicken to that bowl. Then add breadcrumbs in to that bowl. Pick a plastic spoon kept aside and mix all the ingredients in that bowl nicely and firmly. Then put all those ingredients in that dough and spread them to every corner of the dough. Then place the meat at the center of the dough and roll to cover it. Then add some butter to that dough. After adding butter to the dough place the item in to the oven. Cook it item in the oven for some time as per indicated by a clock shown above the oven. After that stipulated time period take the item out of the oven. Then make small segments of the meat by placing it on the wooden floor. The pieces kept in the plate is now ready to eat and serve.

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