Baked Potato

You will be taught how to bake potato in this simple and beautiful game. The interface of the game makes it easier and user-friendly. The only control is your mouse. The game is exciting and step by step instructions and animation proves very helpful. The beautiful graphics and pictorial representation of the game makes the preparation of potato more enthusiastic and interesting.

When the game starts it displays a message of a character in the game who wants to bake potatoes for her boyfriend. As soon as you click the start button, initially it makes you to wash the potatoes by just clicking and dragging the mouse with a brush over each and every potato. For every step a specific time is defined that runs on the screen and also a slide bar showing the completion of every step. The game becomes more interesting and challenging with the time limit provided and scores provided. More the less time required for preparing more the points gained.

After washing of potatoes the very next step is to cut the potatoes. A knife appears on the screen over each potato enabling you to cut every potato simply by click of the mouse. Then next a plate with salt is appeared on the screen and asks you to drag every potato in the plate with some distance between the potatoes. An oven then appears on the screen to cook the potatoes for an hour and also shows a clock showing time and automatically after the set time it jumps to the next stage. Then slice the potato by moving cursor from green dot and peel the onions and cut the same into pieces. Also make the ham into small pieces then grate cheese.

After the raw materials are ready now you are ready for cooking. Simply follow the instructions and start cooking. You have to drag the scrolling options as per the instructions shown at the top step by step. The game is animated in such a way you can play and simultaneously learn cooking and enjoy. To make it more interesting some points will be rewarded and u may also lose your points if you fail to safeguard your food from the butterfly flying around. If you lose all the points you will be redirected to starting.

Those who want to try a different variety in vegetarian dish can go for this at home and can use the game as a live reference. Play the game and learn how to prepare the potato with fun.

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