Wedding cake baking

This will be the right choice for those who looking for a simple cake making game. This game allows you to cook a delicious cake with all its ingredients

The game welcomes you to a nice graphics filled page. Now at the main menu there are few options. One is to play, other one is to find out the recipes. Just click on the play button to start the game.

The game window reach to the kitchen. The player can see the stove and a baking on the front while all other stuffs are seen kept on the rack at the back. One can also note that there is a oven kept at the right side of the rack. Now let we move to the section that how we can prepare it.

A red arrow mark will be shown to assist you that which all ingredients to be taken. As the game starts you can see the mark on rack above the cream vessel. Just click on the vessel. Then the vessel automatically move to the plate kept on the front left side and pour cream into it. Now the red mark will be shown on to other stuffs on the rack (butter, sugar etc) and the player have to click on all those in its order, then those stuff will automatically mix to the plate. After mixing all the ingredients click the baking machine at the right side, it will automatically bake. Then the baking flour have to be mixed with this (follow the red arrow mark instruction). Again use baking machine to bake (2 minutes). Now its time to keep it into the oven in 325 F. So at first mix the olive oil in to the glass plate placed on the right side and then pour the mixed solution in it and place it in the oven. After a bake of 60 minutes the delicious cake is ready.

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