Super Thin Pancakes

As the name suggests, this game teaches you to make lovely pancakes. You have to help Ryan in making the super thin pancakes. Making pancake involves certain steps of cooking and many people don't know the entire process of preparation of pancakes. This game is targeted for those and playing it for a few times enable you to make pancakes at home without needing any help from others. Isn't that sounds good? Well, the amazing graphics and the good music make a wonderful gaming experience. Click the start button to play the game.

When you start, you will see the step-by-step recipe of cooking the pancake. Play and complete each step to unlock the next one. The first step is to cut the butter. Click inside the circle shown and move the cursor through the dotted line to the end of the arrow to slice the butter into pieces. Now melt the butter in the pan provided by moving the cursor on the heated pan. Then break 4 eggs by moving them one-by-one to the center of the circle shown and put them into the bowl. Next is to whip up these eggs using a beating machine. A gauge with a green highlighted area is shown and a white marker continuously moves through the gauge. Just click when the marker reaches the green area to beat the eggs. Now it's time to make dough for pancake. You will be given all the ingredients. Just drag and drop these into the bowl shown. Add eggs, milk, salt, sugar, butter, vanilla and flour in the same order as it is mentioned here. Then mix all the ingredients by moving the cursor on the bowl. After the mixing is over, it's time to fry pancakes. Click when the white marker reaches green area of the gauge to pour the dough into the pan and click it continuously to fry one side. To flip it upside down, make the white marker to land in the green area of the gauge again. Click continuously to fry the other side also. After frying the pancake, you have to spread jam on it by moving the cursor on the cake. As the last step, roll the pancake. Click the left mouse button on a slider shown and move it across the path to do so. The pancake is now completely ready to serve.

You have to serve it to Ryan to judge your performance in the kitchen. He will give you a score out of 100. Each step of cooking gives you a star rating. Try to follow the on-screen instructions as close as you can to maximize points.

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