Rice Coconut Kheer

Make a sweet dish called Rice Coconut Kheer in this game which can be served after having lunch and dinner. As the dish is related to coconut and rice, the background of the game has been given a beautiful coastal touch which makes the game more interesting and attractive. The game loads off instantly with nice graphics and catchy music to let you comfortably play the game.

The game provides detailed instructions regarding how to prepare this dish. The instructions is based on true recipe and you can have a try preparing this dish as per directed by the game. The game provides a list ingredients required for preparation of this sweet dish along with quantities required. You can prepare the dish on your own by playing the game three to four times. The ingredients required for preparation of this Indian sweet dish are Basmati Rice and chopped almonds (combined), sugar, coconut extract, milk, cardamom powder and evaporated milk.

A mini kitchen has been set in the coastal area. Now to start cooking process, soak the rice for about 15 minutes. Turn on the stove in which a pan is placed. Pour some milk in to the pan. Then add coconut extract to the milk. After that, add rice soaked earlier in to the pan. Then pick the sugar bowl and add sugar in to the pan. After adding all these ingredients, stir it lightly. Now pick up a spoon and add some cardamom powder to the pan. Then put almonds and let the contents boil for some time. Then pour some evaporated milk in the pan. After combining all these ingredients take a big spoon and stir it nicely and firmly and let it boil for some time. After boiling for some time, the sweet dish is ready to eat and serve.

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